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ALIHA Project (Health Models) is a pay-for-performance project that seeks to link or re-engage HIV patients to care and encourage viral suppression by providing financial incentives.  Patients can earn financial rewards (mostly gift cards) by attending primary care medical appointments, lab appointments, achieving and/or maintaining viral suppression. Patients who achieve and maintain <200 copies/ml are considered virally suppressed for purposes of receiving financial rewards under the Health Models project.
Priority Health Care
Viral Suppression

Year 1
All Patients 69.6% (201/289) 72.5% (272/375)
Up 2%
All Health Models Patients (enrolled by 09/29/14)
61.2% (114/185) 72.2% (169/234) Up 11%
(enrolled by 09/29/14)
68.8% (95/138) 80.6% (116/144) Up 11.8%
New Clinic Patients
-Re-engage & Newly Diagnosed
(enrolled by 09/29/14)
34.2% (14/41) 54.4% (43/79) Up 20.2%

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