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Priority Health Care (PHC) provides pharmacy prescription drug services through its 340b Drug Discount Program. This program allows eligible health care providers, such as health centers, to access outpatient drugs at reduced prices. The 340B drug discount program is a government initiative that requires medication manufacturers to provide more affordable outpatient drugs to eligible healthcare organizations. These benefits are exclusively for our patients and are not available to community members outside our organization.
By purchasing medications at a lower cost, health centers can pass the savings along to their patients through reduced drug prices. The discounts are determined through the Sliding Fee Discount Program process. When patients are seen by a PHC provider or have a referral from a PHC provider to an outside provider, the PHC pharmacy can utilize the 340B Prescription Drug Inventory.

Patients at a health center must meet three criteria to receive 340‐priced drugs:
  1. The patient must have an established relationship with the health center.
  2. The patient must have received clinical services from a provider of the health center.
  3. The patient must receive a qualified health care service consistent with the health center grant award.
Visit one of our pharmacies for additional information. 
Patient assistance programs are run by pharmaceutical companies to provide free medications to people who cannot afford to buy their medicine.

If you need help obtaining medications needed for treatment the Pharmacy Liaision maybe able to assist. All patients are screened for eligibility to access patient assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies.

For people living with HIV/AIDS a program is available to cover the cost of medications if determined ineligible for LDAP (Louisiana Drug Assistance Program) the State-funded Drug Program.

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